Wyncot Kennels Extra Large Luxury Accommodation

Our Luxury Kennel unit is a bespoke design, purpose built facility opened in December 2010. The unit benefits from extra large kennel units which are over 50% larger than required. The key here is the dogs have access to this area all the time, day and night. The building is located directly between the largest exercise paddocks with direct door access to both these facilities which the dogs make use of several times a day. All Luxury Kennels have underfloor heating and managed air-flow to ensure the correct air temperature throughout the year, whatever the British weather has to offer.

Playtime at Wyncot Kennels and Cattery

Ex-field-NblkEach individual dog or family of dogs have additional quality interaction with the staff in the exercise paddocks twice a day as a minimum. We provide various sized balls, footballs and tuggies for playtime, you are also welcome to bring any favoured toy from your home for your dog to play with in and out of the kennel.

Dog Exercise & Play

All our dogs receive individual exercise in one of our three exercise paddocks which range in size from 1 to 3 acres; all are fitted with six foot high boundary fences. The amount of exercise is dependent on your dog’s needs, we therefore design an exercise routine that suits your dog’s specific requirements and the length of stay while they are with us. All dogs are exercised off the lead unless asked otherwise by the owner. Our dogs are never mixed with other boarders but have the chance to interact if they wish with other dogs through the exercise paddock perimeter fence. All dogs are exercised at least twice a day come rain, wind or shine 365 days a year.

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Opening times are 08.30 to 11.00 and 14.00 to 17.00 daily.

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